Showcase Showdown NEW (1)

Rock and Country come together as the island’s rock q93 and the island’s country 95-1 FM CFCY present “The Showcase Showdown”.

We’re looking for demos from Island Rock’n’Rollers to take part in a judged competition that will see the winner go on to share the stage with our country winner at The Guild in Charlottetown.

There will be two weeks of preliminary rounds, Thursday nights, featuring four bands, followed by the rock final where our two finalists will face-off against each other.

Send us your demo before February 2nd on our site or in person at the House Of Q, at 5 Prince St. , during regular business hours.

It’s a great chance to strut your stuff, become our Rock Showcase Winner and score some great prizes!

Good Luck!!

    Please try to classify your genre of music!