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November 6, 2019 | by: jolene

Weird News Wednesday

Everyone knows that the US has it’s problems but Arizona has a particularly strange one.

They have a serial rock thief who returns the stolen rock a few days later.

Now obviously they are not stealing any old pebble, no, no. The most recent was Arizona’s Prescott National Forest “Wizard Rock” – a 1-ton black boulder streaked with white quartz running through it. The massive marble is a local favourite and it disappeared a few weeks ago and then was mysteriously returned, undamaged to it’s regular resting place.

Earlier this year there were two other boulders, each weighing between 340 and 900 kilograms (750-2,000 pounds) that were removed from the National Forest by individuals that are believed to be using heavy equipment.

Back in 2009 a different 80 pound, heart shaped rock, another local favoutrite was removed and then returned a few days later under the same mysterious circumstances.