[LISTEN] Joee calls the PEI Legislative Assembly.

January 11, 2018 | by: The Unbalanced Breakfast with Joee Adams

Remember last week – when Green Party Leader – Peter Bevan Baker — got escorted out of the legislature for saying the word Farce?

Well call me crazy – but I thought that was the stupidest news story since the time the shut down University Avenue so the ducks could cross the road.  I mean come on – of all the F words he could have used – they’re getting all bent out of shape about Farce – but ya know what – as it turns out – looks like the folks at the legislature are much more sensitive than you may think.

I did some research – and there’s been a lot of words and phrases that have been deemed un-parliamentary over the years – 107 to be exact – and I’ll give you an example of a few of them – and some of these go back a ways – check this out: Apparently – in legislature – ya can’t say a bag of wind – Inspired by forty rod whiskey – Talking twaddle – Hysterical – Crook – Dishonest – Evil Genius – False – Farce – Hypocrites – Ignoramus – Lie – Lacking in intelligence – and Offensive.

So basically – any word that aptly describes politics – or politicians – you’re not allowed to say in the legislature.

So I gave a call over to the Legislative Assembly this morning, to send along my sympathies.


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