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Keep It Local – Episode Two – Death Valley Driver!

So this week on Keep It Local, I had the chance to sit down and have a chat with Dan Hodgson and Ryan P. Gallant of Death Valley Driver. DVD are a no-nonsense, heavy hittin’ rock band from PEI, who describe their sound as “Rock n Roll, smothered in six-month-old axle grease, then lit on fire in a compost heap.” — which I think sums it up pretty nicely.

Since 2008, Death Valley Driver has been making the red mud of the Island a little more crimson with their bloody mix of swamp metal. To date, they have released four studio albums, starting with Choke The River in 2011 — which was engineered by Haywire’s David Rashed. The album has gotten rave reviews and had charted nationally on several Loud charts on university radio, peaking  at number 3. Their song “Sleeping All December” is being used as the entrance music for Ring of Honor tag team The Briscoes.

Their sophomore release, Graveyard Dead  in 2013 was also a heavy hitter winning them much praise from alumni in their genre. That was followed by Carnivore’s Oath in 2014 — and most recently — DVD unleashed their latest creation, Wolf Crown, last month in October of 2018.

Although they’ll admit they’ve never really considered themselves “part of the Island scene” — in reality – they’re probably one of PEI’s most accomplished bands. In February of 2012, they won Music PEI’s Loud Recording Of The Year, as well as being nominated for Group Recording of the Year and Best New Artist. They were also nominated for Loud Recording Of The Year for 2012 by the ECMA.

In 2014 they actually won the ECMA Loud Recording Of The Yea Award.

In May 2014 the song Choke The River will also be featured in the movie Tapped Out from LIONSGATE, which stars MMA legends Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida, as well as Micheal Beihn of Terminator fame and Martin Kove from The Karate Kid. The five-piece has shared the stage with Metallica, Coheed & Cambria, Seether, 3 Inches of Blood, Goatwhore, Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy, August Burns Red, Lagwagon, Protest The Hero, Misery Index, Obscura and many others.

Long story short, if you’re into bands who’s music is heavy enough to crush your ears and make soup stock out of’em – you should definitely check out Death Valley Driver.

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