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Keep It Local – Episode 5: Andre Pettipas and the Giants.

This week on Keep It Local, I had a chance to sit down with Andre Pettipas and the Giants. A great, hardworking rock and roll band from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. The Giants are made up of Andre Pettipas (Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals) his brother Travis Pettipas (Bass, Backing Vocals)  Mark Cosh (Drums) and occasionally, Leith Flemming-Smith (Keyboards).

The thing about Andre and the Boys, is that they have all the necessary ingredients that make up a great rock and roll band. Catchy tunes, killer riffs, and all the energy in the world to deliver them; and it’s been a pretty busy year for Andre and the Boys; not only have they shared the stage with fellow East Coast Rockers, Matt Mays, Wintersleep, Adam Baldwin, and the Motorleague, they actually just got back from a small tour of Sweden where they played the Live at Heart Festival, and ending up catching the attention of producer Bryan Moncarz (Our Lady Peace, The Trews, Yukon Blonde) who basically BEGGED to work with them when they gear up to record their upcoming sophomore record next year — which will be a follow up to their debut record “Stay Gold ” they released last year.

When asked to describe their sound once, they said: “Picture Tom Petty meeting up with the Black Crowes for a writing session, but Axl Rose crashes the party and gets his two cents in whenever he can.”

In my opinion, that’s about as accurate as you can get.

During my interview with Andre and the Boys, we had the chance to talk about a number of things; like the importance of communities supporting their local artists, and the story behind their latest single “The Swedish Motel” — which as you’re about to find it — will end up being stuck in your head for days…


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