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Keep It Local – Episode 12: The Motorleague

Chances are if you grew up on PEI, especially in the 80’s and 90’s like I did, you’ve got some fond memories of Moncton. Trips to Crystal Palace, the exotic taste of pop that didn’t’ come in a bottle. But one thing you might not have known about Moncton when you were too busy playing laser tag and suckin’ back cans of Barq’s Root Beer – is that their local music scene kicks ass!

And one of the best bands to come out of Moncton, in my opinion, and there’s been many – is the Motorleague.

Formed in Moncton from the relics of local legends The Ditchpigs and The Monoxides, The Motorleague was originally just an outlet for their lead singer – guitarist and primary songwriter – Don Levandier and his band mates to blend their love of ‘90s skate punk with the sludgier sounds of stoner rockand man oh man – did they ever figure it out.

Now since forming back in 2009 – these guys have been hitting the road pretty heavily ever since – they’ve been around – and they’ve learned from some of the best – they’ve shared the stage with everybody from AlexisonFire– to Rise Against – and even the Dropkick Murphy’s….so as you can imagine – they’ve had some pretty crazy stuff happen to them on tour which I found out first hand when I sat down for chat with Don the other day. 

Although I’ll admit – at one point the interview did get a little weird. 

But all jokes and bad interview questions aside – if you like music that’s in your face – filled with ear crushing riffs and great lyrics – than I highly recommend you check these guys out.