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January 4, 2019 | by:

Keep It Local – Episode 11: Like A Motorcycle

So this week on Keep It Local we’re showing some love to a band that Canadian Punk Rock Legend Art Bergmann of the Young Canadians once called: the greatest r’n’r band left in this world.”

And there’s a reason why Art Bergmann said that – and it’s because Like A Motorcycle are everything you’d expect in a kick-ass punk rock band – they play fast – they play loud and they basically kick the hell out of any audience in their path..

Now at first glance – you’d be tempted to call Like A Motorcycle a chick band considering their guitar player Dave is outweighed 3 to 1 in the gender department I know I did when I first interviewed them – which ended up with me getting smacked in the face when I eventually met them by the way – but that’s another story….

What I will tell you though – is that I had the chance to have a chat with their lead singer slash drummer Michelle Skelding a while back – and Michelle doesn’t shy away from the fact that they’re loud – and aggressive – and maybe a little intimidating – because that’s who they are.

And that take no prisoners style attitude – has been working out for them pretty well so far – considering they’ve shared the stage with bands like Against Me – The Headstones – Propaghandi and Danko Jones.

The song we’re playing tonight is called – Punk One – and if it sounds familiar – it’s because you may have heard on a little show called Gotham – no big deal right? And if you dig what you hear – check out their album High Hopes – which is available now on their website: