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Keep It Local – Episode 10: Soul Filter

Ya know – I’ve been lucky enough to talk with a lot of musicians over the years – and one thing I’ve heard said more than a few times – is that being in a band – is a lot like being in a marriage – actually – I think John Densmore of the Doors summed it up best when he said – being in a band is like polygamy without the sex.

There’s a lot of compromise involved – the occasional fight – maybe a few words being said here and there that somebody didn’t mean – but what happens when you’re in a band – and you actually are married?

Well in the case of Mike and Karen Penton of Soul Filter – I think what you get – is two people who bring out the best in one another musically. And that’s one of the things I had the chance to talk about when I had the chance to sit down with the recently; that being said – I found out there’s more than a few things that Mike and Karen don’t agree on when we played a round of one word answers.

Their new record called A Minor Conspiracy, is a great collection of songs. The one that stuck out to me the most on this record is called “On My Own” – which as it turns out – came from a real personal – and very relatable situation.

Hear the full interview with Mike and Karen below.