June 15, 2018 | by:

Happy Father’s Day to our Father’s Day Contest Winner, Lloyd Taylor!

So all this week, we were giving people the chance to call in and qualify for the chance to win a little something we put together called:
Q93’s Hot – Piss Clam – Whipper Snippin’ – Highly Detailed – Red Rockin’ – Food Eatin’ – Father’s Day Contest!

Each day we’d take a qualifier, and hook them up with 2 pounds of piss clams from the Lobster on the Wharf and a bottle of sauce from Maritime Madness — BUT — the real prize was this:

– A brand new Whipper Snipper from Dave’s Snowmobile Repair
– A vehicle detailing package from Dalziel’s Auto Body and Collision Center
– A $50.00 Gift Card from Red Rock Harley Davidson
– A $50.00 Gift Card from Peake’s Quay Restaurant — and
– A basket full of Goodies from Maritime Madness!

And our winner, was Mr. Lloyd Taylor.