East Coast Bands/Artists You Should Pay Attention To.

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August 3, 2017 | by: The Unbalanced Breakfast with Joee Adams

Maybe my opinion is a little biased, but if you ask me, some of the best music in the world comes from the East Coast of Canada. We’re absolutely polluted (and I mean that in the best way possible) with so many incredible musicians, songwriters, and bands in Atlantic Canada, and it’s about time the world started paying attention to it. Here’s a few examples.

                                                                                                                ADAM BALDWIN

From the ever-evolving music scene of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Adam Baldwin got his big break when he joined up with fellow East Coast Rocker Matt Mays back in 2008. Since then, Adam has gone on to produce some of his own material including a self-titled E,  followed by his first full-length album: “No Telling When (Precisely Nineteen Eighty-Five)

The title is a concept, as Baldwin imagines New York City in 1985, while the city was still in transition from the downtrodden 1970s and at the height of yuppie madness. In No Telling When, Baldwin suggests we haven’t come very far. That’s a recurring theme on the record—broken dreams, political strife, and systemic failure. With his warm, sincere voice, Baldwin offers up insights that may lean dark and dreary, but are delivered with pop precision and propulsive energy.



I hate to use the term “Supergroup” but considering the line-up of this band, I think it’s pretty fitting. Comprised of members of Sloan (Chris Murphy) The Superfriendz (Matt Murphy) and The Inbreds (Mike O’Neill) TUNS combine their veteran songwriting skills with a healthy dose of feel-good rock and roll that’s both nostalgic and refreshing.


                                                                                                            ALERT THE MEDIC

Another Halifax based band, Alert The Medic have been on the scene since 2008, and have opened for acts such as Ill Scarlett, and Our Lady Peace. They’re currently working on their new album called “Let Them Have Their Fun” which is being recorded by founding member of Our Lady Peace, and current member of Crash Karma, Mike Turner. Now if you’re thinking to yourself “how good could a band from Halifax possibly be?” well, then check out their version of Grace, Too by The Hip.


                       LIAM CORCORAN  two-hours-traffic-1

If you’re from PEI, chances are you’ve heard the name Liam Corcoran. Liam’s probably best known for his work in the band Two Hours Traffic who at one point, were nominated for the Polaris Music Prize for their album “Little Jabs” — but since the break-up of THT back in 2013, Liam’s been busy working on all sorts of projects including an EP of new material called ROM DROM which is recorded with a group of fellow Island musicians in the backroom of local Charlottetown record store, Back Alley Music. Liam’s also working on a new full-length album called “NEVAHLAND” which should be out sometime this November.


                                                                                                             THE ROYAL NORTH 
Now I know you know who these guys are! Not only does this band feature Q93 Battle of the Band alumni Chris Dalziel (who actually won the thing it’s first year) it also features familiar names like Jordan Walsh (Syracuse Me) Donovan Morgan (Flush) and the dynamic duo of Craig and Brady MacDonald (Chamberlane, Arrows In The Air, Battery Point).

When The North aren’t busy playing shows around the East Coast – you can sometimes catch their tunes being played on Q93 — they’ll also be heading to the UK this year for a major festival, and will be opening for the Trews on August 17th at the Silverfox Entertainment Complex in Summerside.


Now this is just a short list – there’s so many other artists and bands that I haven’t mentioned here, like Dennis Ellsworth, Dylan Menzie, Andrew Waite and the Firm, Coyote, Stabbing Joy, Calm Beretta — but keep checking back. I’ll be updating this as time goes on.


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