September 6, 2018 | by:

Drunk Man gets his a** kicked by the Monkeys he was trying to kidnap.

A drunk man from New Zealand wound up in bad shape after breaking into Wellington Zoo to catch a squirrel monkey.

On April 7, John Owen Casford, 23, snuck through the gates at Wellington Zoo and proceeded to cut through two padlocks to enter the squirrel monkey enclosure, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Casford’s intention was to steal a monkey for his girlfriend, but he ended up in a physical fight with the small primates instead. The altercation left Casford with a broken leg, two broken teeth, a sprained ankle, multiple bruises and a prison sentence.

“Your intention was to capture [a monkey] and bring it home to your girlfriend,” Wellington District Court judge Bill Hastings said at his sentencing on Wednesday. “Your attempt was not successful.”